If you've seen the commercial for Britney Spears' new fragrance Fantasy Twist, then you know the superstar has been busy taking on multiple personalities. Now, the print ad has been revealed and we get to see a lighter and darker side of Spears.

In a clever new idea, Fantasy Twist combines Queen Britney's two best-selling and best-smelling fragrances together in one bottle: Midnight Fantasy and Fantasy. The ad campaign works, as it shows dual sides of our girl rocking her blonde hair in a flashy showgirl look on top, and dark hair in her Egyptian goddess look on the bottom.

The top picture is very reminiscent of the earlier Spears we grew up with: fun and seductive, very much in the era of her 'Slave 4 U' days. Even her arm placements are similar to the hot track's choreography. The bottom image features Spears donning a black bob, which reminds of one of her many alter egos in her 'Womanizer' vid. She looks hot, she looks sexy, and we're pretty much sold.

And sure, while this is a Britney Spears ad, we can't help but think that Ludacris' 'What's Your Fantasy' would work incredibly well for this campaign. Spears is roleplaying, after all.

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