Uber confirms with XXL that drivers are not a substitute for medical personnel and riders are encouraged to call 911 in the event of an emergency. Drivers also have the right to accept or decline rides.

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One insensitive driver might have just earned Uber another PR crisis. According to The New York Post, one driver recently kicked a Brooklyn rapper by the name of Ju out of his car for excessive bleeding. The man had just been slashed in the face.

The man, whose real name is Freeman Durden, had been leaving Manhattan's East Village hookah bar Karma on 1st Avenue and East 3rd Street with a friend when they were approached and attacked by five men. That's when Durden was sliced from his ear to his cheek and left with injuries which would ultimately require 30 stitches to seal up. According to police, the five men fled on foot shortly after the attack.

It was at that point Durden's friend ordered an Uber, but unfortunately, the driver allegedly kicked both of them out after the 23-year-old rapper bled too much for the driver's liking.

Luckily, Durden was eventually picked up on 1st Avenue and East Houston Street and taken to Bellevue Hospital. Durden had been performing at the Karma club earlier that night, and police believe the attack was related to a rap rivalry.

Durden, who hails from Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant, was later arrested at the hospital on an open warrant for criminal trespassing.

Although Durden ended up being arrested, this still isn't a good look for the company, which earned plenty of criticism when it was revealed their CEO had strong ties to President Trump.

XXL has reached out to Uber for comment.

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