Without a shadow of a doubt, even though he hasn't dropped anything "new" in a minute, Bruno Mars is STILL one of the biggest stars on the planet. So I'm quite sure he hates to have his name caught up in this story but unfortunately someone used his name to catfish a Texas woman and scammed her out of a LOT of money.

Where do I even begin with this...because this is just as head scratchingly frustrating as "Gorilla Glue Girl" but let's start with the facts.

According to The Houston Chronicle, a 63 year old woman told Houston police that she started an Instagram account a few years ago and thought that she was becoming romantically involved with Mars, but turns out she was being "catfished" by 2 Houston men, Chinwendu Azuonwu and his accomplice Basil Amadi.

They would send photos of Mars while he was out on tour but soon used the images to tell the woman that he wanted to "quit the tour to be with her". But she would have to send him $10,000 to cover "tour expenses and costs". 2 days later, the catfishers asked for $90,000 more bringing the grand total to $100,000.

And of course she sent it..because the biggest pop star in the WORLD is gonna quit a non-existent tour IN A PANDEMIC to be with you.

Each amount was deposited in separate accounts, which were each held by Azuonwu and Amadi and soon after police arrested both men on money laundering charges.

Next time you get hit up by a "celebrity" (or anyone you DON'T KNOW) that asks you for money tell them what you would tell your kids..."Get a job".

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