You know when you drive around East Texas there are certain places where you can't talk on your cellphone. You know like school zones, dead zones, and retro zones? I was thinking if we all had these hooked up to our smartphones we would be more likely to remember not to talk on the phone in restricted areas. It's called the POP phone.













I am always looking for new gadgets and fun stuff. Especially if the price is right. The base model of this phone is only 29.90 and I love the retro look of this thing. Remember talking on a real phone? With this big stylish phone you can be transported back to the "good old days". Or if your too remember the good old days you can make a statement.

It just plugs in to any phone headphone jack.  This way everyone in the office will know without a doubt that YOU ARE ON THE PHONE! Big time. I really like the red one. Reminds me of the Bat phone. Sorry nerd alert.