Apparently there is a line of music videos for kids to enjoy featuring songs about different kinds of trucks. This particular video has over 4 million views on YouTube, and after watching it ourselves, we can't get this dumb song out of our heads.

Can this be a meme somehow? Do your kids watch these videos? We have so many questions. This could be the start of a new series of posts we start doing, called "The Daily Confusion," or "What the What?"

The videos were put together by a company called Hammershark Media that operates out of Phoenix Arizona, and it's honestly pretty cool when you think about it. Today's cartoons are filled with cars, trucks, and planes with faces ... which could be disturbing depending on what sort of things your kids like to watch. The Twenty Trucks series gives children a realistic view of different trucks with catchy songs that help explain their purpose. I'd rather have my kid watching this rather than explain why a truck had to break up with his helicopter girlfriend before the big dance.

It's still funny to imagine the singers in the recording studio singing these songs. I like to think about them calling their parents to let them know they got the gig and are on their way to the big time.

Okay ... If you or your kids enjoyed that video, you can easily find more like it by checking out more YouTube videos uploaded by TwentyTrucks.