Chance The Rapper and the mother of his child have just reached a decidedly amicable agreement in their ongoing child support case, the Chicago Sun Times reports.

Lawyers for both Chano and Kirsten Corley, the mother of Chance's toddler daughter, offered up praise for the way the two young parents handled the case. Enrico Mirabelli, who worked as Corley's lawyer in the case, lauded his client and Chance for putting the needs of their daughter above all else.

“Really, that’s the way it should be done,” Mirabelli said. “And when you settle between yourselves, you leave nothing to chance.”

Tanya Stanish, who works as Chano's attorney, offered up a similar point, crediting the Coloring Book artist and Corley for being willing to work together.

“The parties have reached a full agreement. The case is concluded," he said. "I’m going to give major credit to Chance and Kirsten for working together to reach a deal that’s fair for their daughter, fair for them both.”

Apparently, Corley, Chance and their daughter had been living together, but according to the Chicago Sun Times, both believed that it would be best for their child if they lived separately. Chano plans to continue living in Chicago, where he's continued to do good work for the city's public school system.

Corley had originally been seeking temporary child support that would have included a furnished home for herself and their daughter and a car so they could get around. The terms of the child support agreement they've just reached have been kept confidential, but both Chano and Corley will be getting “substantial parenting time."

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