Chance The Rapper has always been one to promote religion and political change, topics he's spoken out about time and time again since the beginning of his career. So it was no surprise to fans when the Chicago lyricist compared himself to the politicians of today and suggested his influence is more popular than those in office on the latest edition of the What's Good with Stretch and Bobbito podcast.

During his discussion with veteran radio hosts Stretch and Bobbito, Chance spoke on his massive $1 million donation to Chicago Public Schools, life as a new father and the current state of politics. He was also asked how his influence affects the political system, especially after getting a vast amount of people to vote in last year's election. The Coloring Book rapper matter-of-factly stated he has "a larger platform than all politicians" before moving on to call out the President of the United States directly.

"I have a bigger voice than Donald Trump, than literally anybody that works in politics," Chance stated. "And so yes I can connect with people on a level of appealing as a person who's still a citizen, who still does what he wants. But I have ideas for how to voice opinions and make change that other people just don't have."

In music news, Chance recently reconnected with fellow Chitown MC Vic Mensa during this year's Lollapalooza festival after a rumored beef between them occureed in 2016. All that aside, the two performed their collaborative hit "Cocoa Butter Kisses," with Mensa alluding to new music with Chance a short time before. “We haven’t talked much, but we texted the other day,” Vic told Real 92.3 in L.A. “We talked about it," he added in reference to another release from them both.

Listen to Chance's interview on What's Good with Stretch and Bobbito podcast below.

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