Chance The Rapper pulls up to a cookout in Jamila Woods' new visual for "LSD," Woods' audio tribute to Lake Shore Drive and her native Chicago. Check out the visual below.

The visual finds Woods wading in the water and chilling on the beach. For his part, Chano's handling the grill duties at a cookout. When the cameras aren't focused on Woods or Chano, they zero-in on other Chicago locals, including a cute little girl playing in the streets.

The track the visual was made for is off Woods' 2016 effort, HEAVN, and it's every bit as touching and soulfully vibrant as the visual. On the track, both Chance and Woods examine their complicated relationship with Chicago, which is a beautiful city troubled by violence.

"I like water that don't burn my eyes when they open/I won't let you criticize/My city like my skin, it's so pretty/If you don't like it, just leave it alone," Woods sings in the first verse of the track. Chance looks at Chi-Town from the perspective of a father.

"And I'm supposed to father my daughter?/She the princess in the dragon's lair/I'm a dragon slayer, I can't fly away/To some hideaway, I gotta find a way," raps Chance, who recently took home a couple of trophies at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards.

Check out the new video, which is directed by Sam Bailey and Vincent Martell, below.

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