Kanye West spends most of his time in California now but on Wednesday (Aug. 29), Yeezy was back in his hometown of Chicago to work on Chance The Rapper's upcoming album.

Fox 32 News caught up with the Ye rapper who said he was making new music with Chano and chilling with friends. "I came out here with Chance to work on his album, and I've just been hanging out with my friends," Kanye said.

While Yeezy has been criticized by some people for turning his back on the Windy City, the rapper revealed he has plans to help the city that made him who he is. "It's a super inspiring place that made me who I am, and I believe there's some work that I can contribute to," he said.

Neither Chance or Kanye have revealed how far long they are in the album creation process, but 'Ye did share a video of him chopping up a Michael Jackson sample while Chance looked on. "We had to chop this up for Michael's birthday," Yeezy tweeted on Thursday (Aug. 30).

Producer Zaytoven also shared a photo from what appears to be the same studio session. "YETOVEN THE RAPPER," the producer captioned the photo of the three standing together.

In related news, four months after getting rid of his manager and saying he can't be managed, Kanye West is reportedly back working with his former manager John Monopoly. Monopoly was previously Yeezy's first manager when the rapper and producer got started in music.

Check out the social media posts and Kanye talking about Chicago below.

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