Chance The Rapper's march toward pop culture omnipresence continues. Today (June 19), the good folks at Twitter unveil a new commercial starring the Chicago MC, and it's pretty dope.

The new ad highlights the way Twitter makes communicating with fans easier, while also highlighting the whole nature of the platform as a whole. In the commercial, we see Chano uses his Twitter account to ask fans to request which tracks they'd like to see him perform during his set. Naturally, the replies begin flooding in immediately.

Some fans want Chano to perform "Blessings," while other want him to perform his Acid Rap classic, "Cocoa Butter Kisses." They can't actually go wrong, though.

In a funny bit, musician David Crosby—who's become famous for dissing musicians and other people through his own Twitter account—requests that Chano perform any song that has "real instruments." Can't lie, that's a pretty good one.

The commercial handles fans' fictional song requests, but we'd like to request that Chano drops his Future collab. A little while back, footage of he and Hendrix linking up in the studio spread around the internet, and just the other day, Chano performed the song—which hasn't been released yet—in concert for the first time. There's no word on when the track will drop.

Peep Chano's new Twitter commercial below.

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