As if we needed an excuse to enjoy some much-needed tequila in 2020, today is the perfect day to load up on the superior sipping juice. National Tequila Day lands on Friday, July 24th, so we have all of Saturday to nurse our hangover. Call your friends, the ones who don't pucker up and gag after throwing back a shot of tequila and make your way to your favorite local watering hole.

I will say, tequila and I have grown quite close over these past few months. I forgot how a good tequila can change your world for the better. My new favorite drink is Ranch Water, basically Topo Chico, tequila, lime, and salt. It's wonderful.

Hopefully, some of our local businesses are planning on celebrating National Tequila Day, and if you find out before we do send us a message and let us know, we will add them to our list of National Tequila Day Deals.
Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen:
At Cheddar's, you can get a Texas Margarita to go for just $4.99. Sometimes we just need a quick cheap drink or 3.


Margaritas anyone? For just $5 you can get the Presidente, the Grand Sunset, and the Dreamy Frosé Rita. Don't snooze on the Margarita of the Month special, the delicious cocktail is made with Grand Marnier, Lanazul Tequila, Monin Desert Pear syrup, orange juice, and Chili's fresh sour mix and it's offered at $5.

On The Border: Margarita to-go anyone? You can order them by the glass or by the gallon we don't judge!

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