The China Hibachi is back in Lufkin. They are now ready with to serve, and are under new management. They had been closed since the pandemic began. Some restaurants came right back, but this one took a bit. They wanted to make sure that their loyal customers were safe. They have started from scratch with a brand new team to serve the community.

Covid-19 left many businesses closed back in March. Some restaurants remained closed even though restrictions had been lifted. They have been able to open at 75% since June. Some were just waiting for the time to be right, like China Hibachi. The Texas Restaurant Association recently estimated that 20 to 30% of the business would never reopen.

Buffets have a harder time than most restaurants during this time. Getting your own food puts you in close proximity with it, and other customers. While some have adapted to serving food cafeteria style, or family style, basically serving you the buffet, or bringing the buffet to you.

The China Hibachi Buffet is pivoting, and offering dine in and to go options. They are asking that everyone up and around in the restaurant getting food wear a mask. Especially while they are filling their plates. I think that is a great idea.

Remember you should maintain a 6 foot distance from all other groups of people, including while waiting to be seated at the restaurant. If you aren't feeling well, or think that you may have a fever, stay at home. The China Hibachi Buffet in located at 736 S Timberland Dr, in Lufkin. To call in your to go orders, just call 936-694-8868.




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