Just over eight years ago, Chris Brown was arrested for assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna. Now, in his new documentary, titled Welcome to My Life, the talented but troubled singer recounts the night of the assault. Watch the clip for yourself below.

In the new doc, Brown says he and Rihanna's relationship had become a mutually abusive one long before that awful night back in 2009. “There would be verbal fights,” he says in the doc. “There would be physical fights, as well. I still love Rihanna, but I’m just gonna be honest. We would fight each other. She would hit me. I would hit her, but it never was okay."

Brown, whose newest project, Heartbreak on a Full Moon, will be a double album releasing on Halloween, goes on to reveal that he was contemplating the idea of marrying Rihanna when she asked him about one of his exes who worked for him in the past. He lied, and that's when the pop superstar lost trust in him.

On the night he was arrested for assaulting Rihanna, Brown says she became upset when his ex showed up at music legend Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party, even after she was told to stay away from Brown. At the time, Brown had told Rihanna that he didn't know his ex would be in attendance, but Rihanna found a text the ex sent him saying she'd be there.

Apparently, that lie played a role in the physical altercation Brown and Rihanna would get into a short time later. Brown says Rihanna kicked him and he responded by punching her with a closed fist.

“I punched her and it busted her lip,” he reveals. “When I saw it, I was in shock, like, ‘Fuck. Why the hell did I hit her?’ From there, she spits in my face, spits blood in my face, and it enraged me even more so it’s a real-on fight in the car.”

Brown then says Rihanna grabbed his scrotum, and he responded by biting her arm. All of this took place while they were cruising around a Hollywood neighborhood in a Lamborghini. Brown says once he pulled up to Hancock Park, Rihanna pretended to launch his keys out of the window and shouted for help. “He’s trying to kill me," Brown says she shouted.

In the aftermath, fans saw the image of a badly beaten Rihanna, and both she and Brown's lives changed significantly.

“Her lip was busted,” says Brown. “She had a knot because I pushed her head up against the window. A lot of the times, I look back at that picture and I’m like, ‘That’s not me, bro.’ I hate it to this day. That’s gonna haunt me forever.”

Check out Brown's recollection below.

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