I really think she is trying to compete with Lindsay and Charlie,  and badly wants to be back in the public eye.  Perhaps the inside of a police station for a day will make her think twice about this path.   You have to admit her true Hollywood story would be pretty lame at this point, so she has to make something for them to write about.  ~ Dan Patrick

Contrary to a report by TMZ, CHRISTINA AGUILERA was not arrested for public intoxication on Tuesday morning. According to a statement provided to ABC News by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, Christina was detained -- not arrested -- because she was intoxicated and "not able to care for her safety."  She was taken into custody, and officials stress she was not involved in any criminal activity.  She will be released, say officials, when she can "safely care for herself."

However, officials confirm that Christina's boyfriend, MATT RUTLER, was in fact arrested for driving under the influence.  Christina was a passenger in the car, which was stopped in West Hollywood at 2:45am.  That was when the deputies who pulled Rutler over determined that Christina was intoxicated.

Lately, the recently-divorced Aguilera has been under a microscope for a series of public missteps, including blowing a lyric of the national anthem at the Super Bowl, stumbling onstage at the Grammys and allegedly misbehaving at a celebrity party. (ABC)