Growing up in Texas in a Baptist household full of choir members and worship leaders, the holiday season was all about the Christmas Cantata. I go to a fairly small church and when I was younger I ran the soundboard.

There was a part for almost everyone in the building, to the point that it was a wonder anyone was left in the pews. If you weren't singing, you would have a part in the nativity.

Some members would start growing their beards long in the summer to play a wise man or Jesus. Things have changed quite a bit over the years, and these productions have become huge.

Mega Church Christmas Show Has Flying Angels In Plano, Texas

Texas megachurch, Prestonwood, located in Plano, Texas has elevated these inspiring musicals to levels that would make Broadway envious. I scrolled around on TikTok and found this video from @tonydaussat of what seems to be a rehearsal for this year's event.

The quick clip already has over one million views on the platform, and it led me to look further into their Christmas productions. They sell tickets to the show and there are many dates and times that are already sold out.

It's called the Gift of Christmas Featuring The Living Nativity and I have never seen anything like it. You can actually watch last year's production on YouTube, complete with flying angels.

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Everything is bigger in Texas, and this is surely an example of that. I wonder what they will do next year to top this?

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