When you go to the circus you don't expect to see mythological beasts. That might be because you aren't going tot he CircusSaurus. We just found out that the Dinosaurs and Unicorns are a part of the show! How do they do this? I don't know, but if this is something the kids are into, or you just saw the movie Dumbo, and want to keep the magic going, this might be for you.

The Angelina County Expo Center is hosting the Carson & Barnes Circus event tonight at 4:30 and 7:30pm. This show looks crazy awesome on their website, CLICK HERE to see the Dinosaurs. They boast that they are going to turn the big top into a time machine, and take you back to when dinosaurs walked the earth.

Show is about to start, so get the kids out there now. The George H.Henderson Jr. Expo Center at 1200 Ellen Trout Drive, on the Loop in Lufkin. Tickets are at La Michoacana Meat Market, but they can also be bought at the door, since you don't have much time.

For more details you can check out their website, www.bigtopshows.com or call 580-743-7292. This event is one day only, today March 2nd 2019, so get on out and see this one.

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