Wake up bright and early tomorrow, Wednesday October 2nd from 8am-9am, have coffee with a member of law enforcement. More specifically the Lufkin Police Department will be at Standpipe for this event. Coffee With a Cop is a movement that has been around for a few years.

This is a great time to get to know the men and women that are working diligently to keep us safe. The things I read about that happen even in little towns like Lufkin, is just like any other city. Shootings, 18 wheeler wrecks, these guys are hero's you can hang out with in real life. They are just like us, and live her in the same town.

The events are meant to make transparent the space between the police and the public. A humanizing effect, and a mutual respect. Anyone can attend, and I think it is a great thing for law enforcement, and the general public. If you are in Nacogdoches there is also an event there at McDonalds on North Street.

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