Lufkin and all of Angelina County are filled with tons of ways to give, and help out our local community.  Most people look to their church as the center of their charitable giving. So you find a church that is aligned with your giving strategy. They are asking for 10% of your income, and if you are tithing that, I hope you look into where all of your money goes.

Same goes for government, we are giving them a sizable amount of our income. Lots of people are very active in, and have strong opinions about religion, and government. I never really equated that to a financial investment, but it really is.

This story about Chance The Rapper, got me to thinking about our recent collections for Kidd's Kids day. We engage our listeners to give to this organization, that I believe in very strongly. There is a reason for that, I know who runs it, and where all the money goes. I have been on the planes that take these kids on a once in a lifetime trip of their lives.

All the money is used on these trips, with very little infrastructure (only one full time employee.) It's like make a wish magnified times 50 families all at once. So when I see people that don't know about the organization, wondering why we are set up at McDonalds, why we are asking something of them, and not just giving, I want them to know it was for the kids.

Giving back to the kids is easy for Chance the Rapper - he grew up in Chicago public schools. But most of all he sees the students as just like him, and in need of his help. Sure he is just one person, but so are you, and I. You can always give to Kidds Kids, even if it isn't just Kidd's Kids Day.

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