If you have spotted this silver Ford F-150 Zombie edition truck rolling around town, you would know. It's a head turner, with skeletons in every passenger seat.  There are neon green sculls on the bottom, bloody hand prints on the sides, and a plastic 50 gallon drum of what is touted to be 'Covid - 19 Vaccine' bursting out all over.

I met the owner Gary Durkovitz yesterday at the Lufkin Ford name change reveal. He came to see our show, and brought a show of his own. After he finished his burger, I got the scoop on the very timely design. Durkovitz said that this was actually the second truck that he had done up like this.

Originally from Houston, he would deliver magazines all around H-Town in a Zombie Truck similar to this one, to the delight of his subscribers. That truck had over 200,000 miles on it and was recently retired. What was just a Zombie theme on the first truck, became a Corona Virus theme to match the current situation, on the new vehicle. He got the stickers thinking he would put them on the old truck, but they were just so cool, he put them on the new truck.

Everyone at the remote was taking pictures with and of the truck, it was a hit. Durkovitz is new to the Lufkin area, and is starting a Halloween prop making business. He is also making the truck available for parties, and special appearances. So if you are having an event, this thing really gets some attention. Just look him up on facebook.

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