I will never forget the day that I took the Atomic Wing Challenge at Wing Stop in Nacogdoches. My stomach won't let me today that is for sure!

I had an great time yesterday, and I just had to share with you. This was the first Annual Wing Stop Atomic Wing Eating Contest. I had done my research and I knew what I had to do. Eat as many wings as I could in 2min. But these weren't just any wings these were official Wing Stop Atomic Wings.

Now let me say, I enjoy spicy foods. I will put hot sauce on anything, but these wings take it one step too far! They are of course delicious. I remember biting in to my first one, and it was so good. Before I knew it I had already downed 5 wings, and we were 1min in. I was going to win this thing for sure! Then I started wiping my mouth. Getting super hot wing sauce all over my face. The paper towel was not absorbing, rather spreading it all over my lips and cheeks. The heat started really sinking in around 1:30 into the competition. But it was more from my lips than inside my mouth.

Finally the contest was over, and I was a mess. Involuntary crying and just stewing in the heat that just came in waves, long after the last wing was put down. I was covered in Wing sauce, it was all over my face and hands. Sad to say that I didn't win that competition, but I sure learned a bunch for my next chance!

Thanks to everyone at Wing Stop for having us out and can't wait for my next chance to compete!