School is in session already in parts of Texas. Beaumont ISD has started with 80% of the students doing in person attendance. We aren't far behind, with many school districts starting this month in Deep East Texas.

It is time for that last hurrah before school starts. Especially if you are teacher. San Antonio Zoo is letting teachers in free for the month of August, and giving their guests 50% off.  This offer has been extended to any teacher in the State of Texas. Just bring your district ID badge, copy of teacher's certificate, or school district pay stub.

It's 296 miles to San Antonio give or take from your location. Quite the trek for a day trip but hear me out. You leave at 8am and you will be there around lunch. Go to the Zoo, see the sites, and just drive back. If 6 hours on the road is too much for you, I get it, but you could always get a room. I have driven on long trips out of town 10 hours or more straight in a day. I think this is a doable day trip.

There is lots of things to do and see at the San Antonio Zoo. They have such a wide paved area some days of the week they are doing a drive thru zoo. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday you can drive through. Thursday, Friday and, Saturday is reserved for foot traffic only.

They strongly advise anyone 10 or older to wear a mask. Hand sanitizer is made readily available thought the zoo. They also are recommending social distancing with guests not in your direct family unit. Oh, and they have sloths, did I mention sloths?


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