It seems American Idol is intent on giving its last season the emotional send-off it deserves.

As though last week's tear-inducing “Piece by Piece” performance from premiere Idol winner Kelly Clarkson wasn’t enough, Demi Lovato took the stage last night (March 3) for a withering rendition of her current single “Stone Cold."

She performed past single “Confident” first, flanked on either side by current contestants (all the better to demonstrate just how far Demi's come as a vocalist since her debut album). But her "Stone Cold" performance was the ultimate show-stopper.

Should you ever encounter a non-believer intent on discrediting Demi’s vocals, show them this performance, for it is the ultimate silencer. Her raved-about Saturday Night Live performance is nothing in comparison.

Shortly after Demi decimated the entire Idol audience with her powerhouse vocals, Ryan Seacrest sheepishly took the stage next to her, asking her about her upcoming tour with Nick Jonas. For those of you heading to the Future Now Tour, be prepared to have the entire show fully curated by Demi and Nick's teams: You're in for an all-encompassing musical experience.

"Well, we want it to be extremely interactive with all of the fans," Demi said. "That comes down to the performances, but also the smell when you enter the arena…We also want to play new music, including me. I’m gonna perform new music."

Watch Demi perform "Confident" and "Stone Cold" (!!!) on American Idol in the videos above.

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