In a series of since-deleted Instagram Stories, Demi Lovato wrote her next tour will be her last.

"I can't do this anymore," the singer wrote in one Instagram Story.

"This next tour will be my last. I love and thank you guys," they continued in another.

"I'm so f---ing sick I can't get out of bed," Lovato wrote in yet another Story.

See screenshots below:

It seems Lovato is planning to give up touring after their Holy Fvck Tour concludes.

Her most recent Instagram post shows the singer on stage in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lovato has been touring North and South America, with her next performance scheduled for Chile and more dates through early November.

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Fan reactions have been a mix of worried and understanding, after several other artists recently canceled or postponed tours due to health issues.

Most recently, Justin Bieber canceled his tour following health issues. The Canadian pop star shares a manager with Lovato.

"Demi was so happy and excited for tour, i’m really sad that they’re feeling this way right now but i hope whatever it is gets better and she does what’s best from her and her mental/physical health," one fan wrote on Twitter.

"This is so sad that Demi posted this :/ They really be going thru it," another tweeted.

Others tweeted they "just hope they're okay" and expressed sadness at the news.

However, many expressed understanding that Lovato's mental and physical health comes first. As one Twitter user shared, "we DON'T ever want a repeat situation of 2018" — a reference to Lovato's publicized overdose and hospitalization.

Lovato recently went back to their pop-rock roots on new album Holy Fvck, which presents a much darker and edgier persona than her previous pop and R&B-influenced projects.

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The Holy Fvck Tour is Lovato's first tour in four years.

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