So Desiigner's got some words for his haters—and, apparently, some big plans for himself. This past weekend, the G.O.O.D. Music artist uploaded an Instagram PSA for his doubters before teasing two new albums. First came his PSA, which he recorded from the site of his new L.A. mansion.

"For all them haters out there man. I don't wanna hear all this shit, 'Desiigner fell off.' Desiigner never fell nowhere. You feel what I'm saying? I fell into a muthafuckin' mansion I just bought in L.A., you know what I'm saying? Thank you all my fans, L.O.D. album coming soon, you dig?" the former XXL Freshman says in the vid.

He continues in his Instagram story, where he says that he thinks people confuse his relative lack of output with a lack of success. He might have only dropped a few tracks over the last several months, but he's still made enough to cop a mansion, which is a point he makes with shots of his new crib in the background. He also says Kanye didn't sign someone talentless when he brought Desiigner to the label, and that he's up all night working on new music all the time. Sounds like he's in the zone.

Desiigner's next big statement came in the form of a tweet where he revealed plans to drop two new albums. "iiM DROPIING 2 ALBUMS 🔥🔥🔥," he wrote. While he doesn't get too much into the details, we have to assume one of those projects is Life of Desiigner, which will be his debut album. That means he could be flooding us with plenty of new music in the very near future.

In other Desiigner news, the rapper recently teased a new collaboration with BTS, a South Korean boy band that's gotten a pretty big buzz. In a tweet, the 20-year-old tagged the group and included some flame emojis, which in rap culture, usually means there's some heat coming your way. If he did collab with the group, there's a chance the new music will be on his album—one of them, at least.

Check out Desiigner's PSA for haters and his tweet about two new albums below.

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