Kim Kardashian has been dating her basketball boyfriend Kris Humphries for 6 months now. Last month, she announced she would be moving to New York to be closer to him and was hoping for an engagement by this summer. And she got exactly what she asked for last Wednesday. Kim walked into her bedroom to find Kris down on one knee with the words ‘Will You Marry Me’ spelled out in rose petals. Of course she said yes, and he slipped a $2 million 20.5 caret rock on that finger! The family went out to dinner to celebrate after the proposal. He had asked Kim’s parents for permission the previous week, but the other Kardashian sisters were completely shocked! Kris was hoping for a small celebration but joked that he would be ok if there were miniature horses there. And in true Kardashian style, of course there were miniature horses there, covered in glitter! Mom Kris is already making wedding plans and has a dress in mind. Of course all of the events will be captured on their E! show. 

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