There are 961 cities in the state of Texas, and out of all of those, Diboll is number 14 with a safety score of 84.99. They take statistics regarding population, and crime rates into effect.on the 2019 list from Security Baron. 

I always take these lists with a grain of salt. I am not saying that Diboll isn't safe, I think it is. I you want to test it, just go 10 over the speed limit through town on HWY 59/ I69 you'll meet some of the reason why. Lufkin, just 10 miles to the north, didn't make the list. So that means that they didn't even hit the top 200. In a town the size of Lufkin, one murder could put us at the bottom of the list. Nacogdoches didn't make the list either, putting them over 200 as well.

Cities that at least got on the list include Austin, Tyler, Houston, El Paso, Dallas, Waco, Corpus Christi, San Antonio. So that is where I think the information is a little flawed. I can't imagine any of those places with the exception of Tyler being safer than anywhere here.

Some of the cities that made the list above Diboll were in Houston. Small incorporated cities, within the city of Houston like wealthy West University Place, that has a police force that acts more like personal home security guards. So take the list for what it is, a marketing tool for some security company.

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