Severe weather threatened all of East Texas today. A huge Tornado was spotted crossing near Interstate 10 and Highway 62.

This tornado was headed for Deweyville, Texas then lifted right before it got there. That was about the only good news to come from this destructive line of storms.

There was no actual tornado sighting in Lufkin, but the damage might tell another story. There was a lot of damage above and beyond what a normal thunderstorm should do.

Damage Downtown

In Deep East Texas limbs down during a storm is a normal occurrence. We usually just take pictures of them after a bad storm with the title "We Will Rebuild".

Sarcasm is usually how we deal with the weather in our area. This time it went a little further than just a quick game of pick-up sticks in the lawn.

I saw one complete tree uprooted at Lufkin City Hall and at least two others were snapped in half making them a complete loss.

Billy Lee's Locksmith

There was a billboard on Frank Street in Lufkin next to Billy Lee's Locksmith. It ended up across all lanes of Frank Street during the storm.

Though there were a few large limbs down in their parking lot, unless they owned that sign they didn't suffer much damage. Power downtown is still out now for some of the businesses.

Looking at the pictures in the gallery below you start to notice a pattern of damage consistent with a small tornado. There were reports of a small funnel passing through the area. I am sure the National Weather Service will come through the area eventually and make a ruling.

Downtown Lufkin Storm Damage

An unconfirmed tornado briefly ran though downtown Lufkin on Wednesday, October 27th, 2021. It knocked out power to Lufkin City Hall and many businesses in the area were affected.

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