Thousands of DirecTV subscribers across East Texas are missing out on some pretty important programming. They can no longer watch Jersey Shore, The Daily Show or any other shows on networks owned by Viacom, at least for now.

If you are in a rural part of East Texas, Direct TV might be one of the only options available to you. According to Viacom, Direct TV cut off over a dozen of their networks last night. This includes Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and MTV, without notice, per Viacom.

Of course the deal was over money, and even though DirecTV makes tons of money because they provide the shows, if there is an increase, they pass the increase onto their consumers. So they are pretending to be working for you, when really they are working for themselves. They say that the subscribers would have seen a 30 percent increase in prices if they did what Viacom requested.

So while they are busy blaming each other for the problems, there you sit without the shows. I went to the Directv site, and no where prominent on there does it mention that they don't have these channels now.

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