Married couples that are about to start a family seem about as far from divorce as you can get. It does happen, but you might be surprised to learn that those are the exact circumstances that could prevent you from getting divorced.

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Can You Get A Divorce In Texas While Pregnant?

Legally speaking in Texas, you can't get a divorce while you are pregnant. Texas courts will not grant you a divorce until the baby is born.

You can start the proceedings by filing for divorce while you are pregnant. The issue comes with the finalizing of the divorce.

There Are Too Many Unknowns To Get A Divorce Finalized During A Pregnancy

There are many decisions about parental responsibilities that just can't be made until the baby is born. The court has no jurisdiction over the child until it is born as well.

Since they have no jurisdiction, they can't make any final decisions. Things like child support, custody, and paternity, will have to wait until birth.

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With all of those unknowns hanging out there, you should expect to wait longer than might be expected for the divorce to finalize. Even if they did close the case for you, they would have to reopen it after the baby was born.

Is It Harder To Get A Divorce When You Are Pregnant In Texas?

The process of getting a divorce if you are pregnant is no different than any other divorce. There is a mandatory waiting period of 60 days in Texas after you file.

If you are still pregnant at the end of those 60 days, then you will have to wait just a little longer according to

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