If an app makes it on my phone, well it better get used. I've had a 16gig Iphone 6 for 2 years. So when space is at a premium, what apps do I rely on the most. Let me tell you.

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    K-Fox 955 App

    Okay, given ... I'm on the advertisement for the KFox app. Of course it's going to be my #1 all time favorite app, but it's going to be a necessity for all East Texans pretty soon too.

    You'll be able to interact and listen live, as well as enter contests with ease.

  • facebook


    Oh, yes the book of faces, Mark Zuckerburgs got me twisted. This is a love hate relationship right here, but besides our app this is the one that gets opened the most.

    Love it or hate it, this is the only place you can find all of your relatives. Except Uncle Bob, he knows they are just stealing all of his personal information.

  • You Tube
    You Tube


    Willy Wonka TV right here folks. We all have cameras in our pocket now, so why not turn that into a lucrative business.  I have spent hours watching sub par programing, making my own video's, and being entertained.

    I need to build an app that crowd funds all the content. This platform has gotten better and better. I think one day it will rule the world.

  • twitter


    Okay so back again to the social media. It's all about the tweets. Even the president tweets. Or perhaps someone does it for him.  I can I imagine him having a twitter secretary, just telling him what he wants to tweet.

    I don't go here often, but when I do it's usually to see Beyonce's Bee Hives latest victims.

  • instagram


    Last but not least it's the newest app on my phone. I  am sure it was there before, but lately I'm more involved with it. Anyone looking to get away from the politics and the rudeness of Facebook, has an Instagram account brimming over with recent shots.

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