This was my question to myself this weekend. I even saw someone posting them on facebook for $500 at a local store. I did a lot of thinking and searching and this is what I came up with.

I could get a generator, and it would be a huge thing I would have to keep somewhere. Especially if it would run enough power for all the things I need to run. It wouldn't be big enough to hook up to the entire house, so I am going to need an small air conditioner.

Now I am at $1,000 and I might need a couple extra extension cord. I already have two bigger fans, so I am good there. My hot water heater is gas and electric. So it would heat the water if the power was out, but it's tank less and all the way up in the attic and needs power to work. A fancy problem to have.

So after all of these thoughts, well I am just going to need a whole house generator. I have priced those out, and installed, should be around $10,000 or more. That would be a lot of piece of mind but 10 years from now if  the power goes out, and it doesn't come on, what did I gain it doesn't even come on. 

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What if I only need it for 10 days every 15 years, would it be worth it? Does it add value to the home? There is a storm coming now though. So now I need a small one just to keep the things in the fridge from spoiling. If I do get a entire house generator, I guess I'll need to sell this one that I might buy today.

Moral of the story, you can't spend your way out of a hurricane knocking out your power. It's going to be inconvenient for a couple of days. Might drop a few pounds due to the heat. Hurricane during a pandemic. Laura is coming right for us. Thursday we will be without power most likely. What are you going to do?

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