It's official Texas, and every state in the union has a favorite condiment. I will just come out and tell you that for Texas...t's Hot Sauce, specifically Red Hot Original. I think that is pretty cool, I am okay with that. I would have thought it would have been Cholula, cause that is the only hot sauce worth having. I am sure both sell a lot here in Deep East Texas. But at least we can have a discussion about this.

According to Mental Floss, using a platform called Influenser (Which I'm sure we get annual shots to avoid) 50,000 reviews to map out the most "buzzed-about" condiment in every state.

Hot sauce ... got it. Because up North they are freakin' using peanut butter as a condiment? I had no idea. Yeah, I'll chop up an apple and dip it in some peanut butter. I am adding good protein to my apple when I do that.

Condiments, by definition shouldn't add any nutritional value. For instance, Heinz Ketchup. Adding hundreds of empty calories to already sky high cholesterol levels around the globe. So Heinz Ketchup Organic was my favorite condiment, had to be that brand. But that was only because I had a very unhealthy diet as a kid. I mean what else do you do to sweeten up meat and potatoes?

Hot sauce, on the other hand, is actually kinda good for you. Heating your body up, and includes little, if no sugar. As you see I have strong feelings about condiments. I have more ramekins than bowls. Hunts ketchup is terrible, if there was one thing I can say for certain in the life, it is that.

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