If you haven't noticed by now they are doing bridge repairs on the South Loop in Lufkin. A few months back an oversized load damaged a beam underneath, when it struck the bridge at Chestnut St./FM 58. You know, the bridge next to Lowes.

Lufkinites sometimes use Whitehouse to go to Wal-Mart the "back way." It comes out behind Academy. This might land you in the area of the back ups that are occurring due to the repairs to the bridge.

Going over the bridge they are repairing, isn't an issue. It's going under it, that's where the work is going on. Heading north on HWY 59, soon to be I69 is the route you would want to avoid if you can today.

I've seen traffic backed up all the way to Wal-Mart on Highway 59 at times. So save yourself some time, if you are coming into Lufkin and you see it backed up, take the Whitehouse exit. Then take a left on FM 58, back towards town.

That's all the hacks I can think of that could help you for the next few days. They said the project would take about 10 days, and I think they are about halfway there. It's not completely impassable, they are just down to one lane.

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That one lane will alternate, so just take care and slow down if you go that direction. At some point they are going to switch to the South bound lanes. That will be an issue for people headed back to Houston from all points north of Lufkin.

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