What if I told you to download the KFox 955 app, because it was loaded with features. What if I told you we were giving away tons of tickets to Splash Kingdom, and downloading the app would help you.  Yeah, just like you that might not make me download the app. But what if I told you that this man's job depended on it.  No, his LIFE depended on you downloading our app and putting it on your Apple or Google devise.

TSM Lufkin

If you don't download the app, he has assured me that he will eat these donuts. You say to yourself, well those are some fine looking donuts, what's the big deal. That picture was taken over a week ago, and they are still here at the station. He has been very good, trying not to eat them, but your lack of participation might just throw him over the edge.

TSM Lufkin

This is the plight of a dedicated man, dedicated to getting you the app you need to win. The very app you need to listen to the station with Apple Car Play, and Android Auto. He even went to far as to make this sign. He made this 3 days ago, and his hands are still covered in ink. That is dedication people.


You might say to yourself, self, Dan is just trying to make a post out of pictures he took last week to meet his quota. But nothing could be further from the truth. Download the K-Fox App today, and save a man from days old donuts ... or perhaps even poverty.