It is rare that one of the larger iconic buildings in downtown Nacogdoches comes up for sale. It is one that just by looking at the picture you know exactly where it is located.

Godtel has moved to a new location on Douglass road, resulting in the Redland Hotel being up for sale. This turn-of-the-century building in historic downtown Nacogdoches is already in the process of a complete renovation.

The first floor would be perfect for a restaurant and is already 90% complete. There is a commercial kitchen already there and ready for your next endeavor.

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The Redland Hotel Building In Downtown Nacogdoches Is For Sale

The Redland Hotel was the first modern hotel in Nacogdoches and opened to the public in 1907. The Marx Brothers even stayed there once during their stint at the Nacogdoches Opera House.

The building continued to be a hotel through World War II, and then became the McCrory Department Store. After that it was purchased by Godtel Ministries in 1977 and was used as housing for people in its charge.

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Now the building is ready for its next phase of life, and I see many possibilities. Turning the old hotel rooms on the top two floors into loft apartments would be an amazing way to continue using this historic building on the brick streets of the oldest town in Texas.

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Turn This Corner Of Nacogdoches Into Something Special

Located on the corner at 330 East Main Street in Nacogdoches the property is listed at $1.9 million. The three-story structure has a total of 13,113 square feet of floor space with 4,371 square feet per floor.

That means there are 8,742 left to be renovated and turned into whatever you can think of. Take a look inside the old Godtel building.

Old Godtel Building For Sale In Nacogdoches

The structure has been many things over the years, and now someone will hopefully turn it into something new.

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