So it's not white. It's a wet Christmas.

The rumbles of thunder make it seem more like April than December, and if you're traveling today expect the rain showers to continue through tonight. If you're traveling north, the chances of seeing snowflakes increase.

The big issue today is the snow that is expected in the southern plains states. Three to six inches of snow is possible across Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, and Missiouri, and places like Oklahoma City may see sleet and freezing rain. If you're headed to Grandma's house to the north, allow extra time and drive safely.

Today is a perfect day to cozy up inside, rip open the packages, play games, and learn how to work your new iPad. My family has plans to smoke a turkey on the Big Green Egg outside. It's cold, but we're wild and crazy like that, and the warm beverages that will be flowin' should warm us right up.

Stay cozy, and allow a little extra time on the roads because of the rain. Have a great Christmas!