On April 23rd, our pal Wendy from Wendy's Misfits Animal Rescue Fundraiser had a bit of a dilemma she never expected to have.

Her 3 year old niece was housing a huge litter of imaginary puppies that needed very real homes. Here is something she posted, letting everyone know what was needed.

Ok, I need some help! Long story short my 3 year old niece has 10 imaginary puppies that she said Wendy's Misfits was going to come get. I need someone to play along and "adopt" these puppies. It may sound crazy to some people but if my 3 year old niece knows that our rescue helps find puppies homes then I have to follow thru. With being said, who wants to adopt pink and blue puppies that love cheese?" ~ Wendy on Facebook

This sweet little girl wanted to get in on the animal rescue action early, so she wanted to find homes for her make believe puppies. Seeing her Aunt Wendy actively finding homes for real puppies everyday, and now she wanted to be just like here.



A lot of people in the community were touched by the gesture, and folks came out to take the multicolored puppies off Ava's hands. These East Texans have Texas sized hearts, and everyone involved in this is instilling great values in that little girl that she's sure to remember her whole life. Ava's puppies were imaginary, but you can help her Aunt find homes for many more.


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