There is something about where we live, that makes us live longer. I you live here in Deep East Texas you are just disposed to live longer. Just like animals in the wild vs. in captivity, we have all the things in our favor to live longer, healthier lives. The website, outlines the life expectancy in Texas, using data from death records for 10 years, from 2005 - 2014, and lots more.

There is a ton of math and long equations used to basically set a base line. Of course factoring in race and gender is important as well. Houston and other large metropolitan areas did not fare quite as well. But if you really look at the data, there are other places, like Williamson County in the Austin area that is above Deep East Texas.

I think this is a great tool, that doctors and community organizations can use to pinpoint health issues in our population. They can use that data to make sure everyone leads happy healthy long lives, no matter what their race or gender. Looking at the state overall, if you live in Texas, most men live to around 75, and women to 81. Seems like a long time so plan for the future.

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