After wading through lots of great YouTube submissions we have gotten down to a little over 20 finalists that will be performing this Saturday. Do you want to watch the video performances before the show? Check it out! I thought it would be great for you to see some of the submissions to get you fired up about coming out the Texas State Forest Festival at 7pm this Saturday to see them! I am going to try to get to all the videos up, by posting a them here leading up to the event. I think 3 at a time will do it.

Our first contestant submission is from Christopher Newsome, he entered to win way back in March. Chris AKA "Flowdog" is a Christian rapper from Corrigan.

The second contestant submission is from Arielle Felix, she entered way back in April to get her share in the over $800 in total prize money. Here she is singing a Whitney Houston song at a recent talent show, and she is from Arlington.

The third and final video from this round of three is Jessica Verdine. Jessica entered in April to try to get her share of the cash! She is from Pineland, and performed 'Shake The Sugar Tree' at the Oaklawn Opry in Texarkana for her entry.

Good luck to all our contestants. I can't guarantee that all of these will be in the competition, but all have been asked to perform. None of them refused, so I think there is a very good chance you will see them on the stage in the Main arena at the Lufkin Expo Center this Saturday. More video's of our contestants to come!

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