Everywhere you look, there are now hiring signs. I can't escape them, even on facebook. Even online jobs, every industry is "Now Hiring." We are also hearing of slow downs at different types of establishments that are reportedly running short staffed.

There could be a lot of reasons that places are running lean. The issue could be the CARES act, and the $600 weekly benefit that comes along with it. Though research has shown that it only encourage people to go out and look for a job, without suffering too much financially in the process.

It could more likely be that people are weighing their risk of possible Covid-19 exposure. Let's say you were going to pay someone $12 an hour wage, at a business that serves the public. That's more than minimum wage, and sounds like a decent starting rate. That was before Covid-19. Now when you are taking that kind of job, you are exposing yourself to a possible hazard.

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Before Covid-19 the question you would ask yourself is "Do I want to work this hard for $12 an hour". Now it's that same hard work, and the possibility of being exposed to multiple people a day. Each one of them representing a chance of being infected with a deadly disease that has killed almost one and a half million people in the US alone.

Job openings not getting filled will change things, with time. I think minimum wage will become a thing of the past. No one will even consider a job at that pay rate, at some point employers might end up paying more for the same help.

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