If you or someone you know has a Jeep they like to test to the limit, this might just be a club that you could get into. We don't have a lot of clubs for vehicles in the East Texas Area, but Jeeps are different. What started out as a war time necessity, has become an official hobby. Modifying, customizing, and personalizing these vehicles has become a way of life for lots of people in East Texas.

If you are looking for some like minded individuals that share your love of all things Jeep stop by Cafe Del Rio in Lufkin at 2101 South Medford (the loop) in Lufkin Tomorrow. They have a facebook page that will tell you more about what Jeep enthusiasts in the Pinewoods, get up to. They even have a online forum that will let you find out about all kinds of ETXJC swag.

East Texas Jeep Club

While you are there, you can take a look at all the Jeeps, and hear about their last trip to Hidden Falls, Marble Falls Texas. You might even be inspired to join, and take a turn on the next trip that they have planed February 16th - 18th at Barnwell Mountain in Gilmer Texas.


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