Local man, Gary Hill has created his own business selling cups of cake out of a cooler ... and they're really good!

The name 'Perfect 10 Cakes' came from when he started baking and selling his delightful confections for $10 bucks a sheet cake. A friend suggested he break the cakes down and sell them by the slice, then Gary had an idea to get just the right portion directly to his customers.


Saturday, February 11, 2017 was his first day to take the cake show on the road. We're keeping up with Gary for updates on his social media. He said he'll start letting folks know via Facebook Live where he'll be for the day, but supplies are limited, so you'll have to move fast to get a cup each time he's out.

There's just something about eating cake out of a cup with a spoon that makes me think of it as a completely different food. I'm not much of a "cake" person, but if I was, I think eating it from a cup is definitely the way to go. See this picture here of chocolate cake on a plate ... Does nothing for me. Where's my cup?

Getty Images/iStockphoto

I'm also on a diet, so I had to take the words of the customers that stopped by and were brave enough to try cup o' carbs. Everyone was pleased and their descriptions of the flavors, which really tested my will power that day.


Seriously, everyone was saying the cake was "perfectly moist," and while I am not a fan of that word, how else could you describe it. After I went back and looked through the pictures I took, I may have discovered Gary's secret.

I think the cups keep the cake fresh and moist throughout the day! Crazy, right? Anyway, we think Gary is onto something and if you see him strolling around selling his cups of cake, you should definitely treat yourself. Moist.

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