You might have heard about some zoos letting patrons name a roach after an ex. The Ellen Trout Zoo is way too classy for that, or they would rather make a meal out of the situation.

This year they are letting you pick from a variety of feeder insects and animals to name and have fed to the animals at Ellen Trout Zoo. You can name a mealworm, cricket, or rodent after your loved one, or not-so-loved one.

This is a unique way to show just how romantic you are. Even if you don't know who to send one to, you could support the zoo and send it to yourself.

How To Name A Cricket After Your Ex At Ellen Trout Zoo

They are saying that you can name the feeder after your loved one, or not-so-loved one, but we know who these are really for. I do like the idea that you can really name it after anyone, no matter the relationship status.

The smaller the feeder the less you pay. For just $15 the zoo will give an animal a cricket named after your recipient. You can also downgrade to a mealworm for just $5 or go all out with the rodent option for $25 if you are really feeling the love.

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Your recipient will be notified via an emailed certificate on Valentine's Day. It will share all the details like what you named after them, which animal at the zoo received the delivery, what you named it, and who purchased it in honor of them.

Friends Of Ellen Trout Zoo
Friends Of Ellen Trout Zoo

For more details go to or CLICK HERE and follow the link to purchase.

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