I love this guy!  I don't know if there really is an engineer appreciation day.  But I would like to say that all my equipment at this station is kept working thanks to our amazing engineer and IT main man, James.   His appetite for Ribs and Steaks is legendary in these parts.  He is a man of great value, and is the main reason my job is so easy.  

 Working night and day at a physically demanding job, usually at hot transmitter sites, while I sit here in air conditioned comfort of the control room.  When not doing that,  he makes sure my computer and KFox 955 shows all work.  Fixing both radio station computers that run shows, and laptops like the one that makes this post possible.  Make note that he is my best friend at the station on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  The rest of my days are lost in confusion and sadness.  He is the man, the myth, the legend, the best engineer KFox has ever had, James. If you see him driving around in his Toyota Tacoma give him a honk and a wave because he is a true American!  I truly appreciate everything he does.   - Dan Patrick

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