The weather is holding off and we are having a great time! Come out to the Lufkin Mall for some State Fair style entertainment to start your spring break. 

We are giving out free ride passes and K-Fox t-shirts, so come out and take advantage of the swag while supplies last!

It's the first day of Spring Break technically so get it started right. The carnival is where all your friends are meeting to eat funnel cakes, corn dogs, deep fried oreos, and winning giant stuffed Pikachu dolls that can barely fit in the car ride home.

The Kfox Suburban will only be out here until 8 PM, but the carnival is going on until the 12th, so you might see me again with my friends and family. I won;t be handing out shirts or ride passes then of course.
MARCH 2- 12

Carnival is open daily!
*Weeknights open at 5
*Saturday/Sunday open at 1PM

*Individual Coupons- $1.25 each
*Discount Coupons- 20 Coupons for $20
*Super Discount Coupons-- 50 Coupons for $45
**All Rides take 3 or 4 coupons**

*Weeknights 6-10 PM
*Saturday/Sunday 1-5 PM & 6-10 PM
*(Wristbands are weather Permitting & May Be Cancelled at Carnival's Discretion)

The ride I most want to try is the Genesis. It's mysterious like, was it named after the band, or the '90s video game console?

We'll update this post with pictures of first night, but if you've got some great pics you'd like shared on our site, send em to our digital guy, James at and we'll make your loved ones Lufkin famous!



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