If you are planning on going outside and engaging in actives where you can't social distance, we are being advised to wear a face covering. The Mayor of Lufkin and other City of Lufkin leadership believe the wearing of face masks could help stop the spread of Covid-19. They have issued a new emergency advisory directive to all of the residence.

It's just an advisement, because it's unenforceable. The Governor of Texas - Greg Abbott has said that everyone should wear a mask, but no city can add any penalty for not wearing a mask. The city is really okay with any type of face covering. Allergy, homemade, bandana, scarf, or handkerchief all count as masks.

It's really left up to the businesses to enforce the measures. It is left up to us to and our own individual responsibility. Things like wearing a mask of some sort, social distance of 6ft, washing hands for 20 seconds, hand sanitizer, isn't going away.

This is the way things are now, and though we might be tired of hearing about it, it is not going away. The faster we all do those things, the faster we can get back to some sort of normal.

Even if those things don't really seem to help, or if we think they don't work, by following the recommendations we can avoid the personal guilt you would feel if someone close to you gets corona virus. No one wants to wear a mask all day everyday, but there are a lot of our friends and families doing just that.

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