Between a semi-cryptic Instagram post from Swizz Beatz and his designation as a headliner at the 2017 Made in America Festival and the Austin City Limits tour, at least a few signs have pointed toward Jay Z season being nigh. Now a few literal signs are doing the same thing, according to fans.

Recently, fans have noticed ads with the number 4:44 being plastered around New York City, and some believe it's the sign of a new album from Jigga. "The 4:44 has popped up on music sites and the add is sourced and paid for by tidal. Then it's popped up all over NYC the past hour or two," one fan documented on Twitter, noting the sign's presence in New York City's Time Square.

Another fan tweeted out the joy they felt about the prospect of a new Jay album, posting an image of the 4:44 sign along with, "New Jay Z album? 4:44. I'M READY." Can't say we blame them, because we're ready too.

In an interesting post, another fan noted that she'd been alerted about a casting call for a Jay Z video. "Saw a casting for a Jay-Z video here in LA. So you know what that mean," she wrote on Twitter.

Ads on rap websites like Worldstar and Miss Info also displayed 4:44, and some even took notice of the code, which included words like Tidal and Superhero, with some believing the second term is the name of Hov's new album. Hov and Beyoncé also got matching IV tattoos before they were married (Jay was born on Dec. 4 and Bey was born on Sept. 4), further fueling rumors that the ads have something to do with Jigga.

So is 4:44 serving as both the title of Hov's new album and a tribute to his marriage with the Queen Bey? Can't say for sure, but we can't blame anyone for thinking this isn't a coincidence.

See how Twitter's reacted to the 4:44 ads for yourself in the tweets below.

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