Fickle Friends, thankfully, don't live up to their fair-weather name: Their bops are consistently charming and catchy.

Formed in 2013, the five-member British indie-pop band (comprised of vocalist Natti, bassist Harry, lead guitarist Chris, drummer Sam and keyboardist Jack) deliver effortlessly contagious, '80s-inspired feel-good pop on tunes like "Hello Hello," "Brooklyn" and "Cry Baby."

The group's latest single, however, may be their stickiest and sweetest yet: "Glue," released June 14, is neon-hued electro-pop at its most undeniable. "Cool yourself down / I think I'm getting stuck / I think I'm getting hooked on you," frontwoman Natti sings, her voice shimmering like glitter on the dance floor.

It's sure to get stuck between your ears all day. Listen below:

In honor of the aptly-titled track, we asked the band to round up the catchy tunes that they can't get out of their heads. Below, get stuck on Fickle Friends and their fave guilty pleasures, and be sure to subscribe on Apple Music!

Fickle Friends' new EP, Glue, is out August 11.


"What Do You Mean," Justin Bieber
"There are so many little synth hooks and vocal melodies in this that you just find yourself humming to it ALL the time."

"Stressed Out," Twenty One Pilots
"'My name's blurry face...' We had this stuck in our head the whole time we were in L.A."

"Shape Of You," Ed Sheeran
I thought I hated it but I caught myself singing it when I wasn’t thinking and thought, 'S---! It’s clearly a banger!'"

"Love Me," The 1975
"Um, hello? That synth line is beyond!"

"Stay," Zedd and Alessia Cara
"The disjointed vocal in the chorus and then the synth that does it in the post chorus... Zedd is a hooky mofo!"

"Sexual," Neiked and Dyo
"The vocal melody is spot on, and there’s loads of little rhythmic things that worm their way into your brain at all hours of the day."

"Backbeat," Dagny
"It's got a relentless singable chorus. This is a simple one and we LOVE it."

"Out of My System," Youngr
"The samples that go, 'Out of my system!' and 'Oh, oh, oh!' are [super catchy]. But it’s definitely the pre-chorus we sing most!"

"All Night," Chance The Rapper
"'All night I been drinking / All night I been drinking / All night I been drinking / All night eh!' Need I say more?"

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