We created a guide featuring five first date ideas for all types of dates, whether you're looking for something adventurous, relaxing, or even just a good place to sit and eat.


Find out if your favorite first date spot made the list!

Top 5 first date ideas to try in east Texas

1. Outdoor Adventures

Now that spring is finally upon us, there are many ways you can enjoy a first date outdoors. From ATV riding to fishing and boating, you'll have plenty of time to get to know your date while participating in some adventurous activities.

2. Activities

Rather than sitting through a movie and staying quiet all night, get to know your date by going to various places all over east Texas that offer activities that will get you off your seat! There's always something going on, so get together with friends and family and explore the fun things you can do all over east Texas:

3. Dining

Nothing says "first date" like a good meal. Lufkin tends to have too many options for places to eat, but only a handful have that "classic feel" to them that really set themselves apart from the others.

Ralph and Kacoos
Zoukis let's you bring your own bottle of wine in.
Or just enjoy some coffee at Standpipe

4. Relaxing

Trying to save money or just want to have a relaxing day with your date?

Pack a lunch and head down to the various parks and nature trails to have a picnic! The beauty of the outdoors will make you feel like you're secluded from the real world; a great, inexpensive getaway!

5. Road Trip

Got a tank full of gas, good music on the radio, a passenger to keep you company, but can't decide where you want to go on a first date?

Take a road trip all over east Texas and see where your car ends up taking you!

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