It took the X-Men films over a decade to finally introduce the iconic Sentinel robots, but will TV manage to do it far sooner? That’s the word on FOX’s as-yet-untitled X-Men TV series, which producers claim will feature the mutant-hunting baddies, “though very different from what we’ve seen before.”

Last we heard, FOX was nearing a pilot order for the new series created by Burn Notice alum Matt Nix, the focus of which was said to be “two human parents who discover their children as mutants, forcing them to run from a hostile government, and join with an underground network of mutants to survive.” The series is also reported to share at least some continuity with the X-Men films, which may now include Sentinels, as producer Lauren Shuler Donner tells IGN:

Matt’s [project] is much more a part of just the [X-Men] world in terms of there are mutants, mutants are hated and there are Sentinels – though very different from what we’ve seen before.

One would assume a FOX drama lacks the budget to depict giant robots week after week, which could mean the automatons are brought down to scale, or perhaps even re-imagined as a human (and therefore actor-friendly) group. Heck, early concepts for introducing Sentinels in the films had the figures in spherical shapes, so any number of alternatives could fit.

We won’t know for sure until FOX finally orders a pilot and shares more concrete details, but how should FOX’s new drama handle some of the X-Men’s most famous imagery?

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